The official credential registration deadline one week before the event. We’re encouraging registrants to submit their applications as soon as possible because shooting zones are determined on a first come first serve basis. Requests at the door or via telephone will NOT be accepted. 
Credential Confirmation 
Approval or denial confirmation for requests will be sent via email 72 hours before the event. A reminder that all media credentials are non-transferable and are intended solely for the use of the designated individual whose name appears on the credential. You will be notified what zone you have been allocated to and will be marked with their company name on the floor of the event. After the registration is processed you will receive an email with instructions for where to pick up your credentials. 
Press Writers
You will have access to the media table. Only credential members will be allow to sit at this table to work and document the event.
Shooting Zones 
As a part of your registration you will select the zones for capturing content (On the right). In the form add the top 3 choices in order of preference. Ex: A:1 C:2 F:3. Each company will be allowed one spot on the floor. Sponsors media representatives will be considered first and will be allocated 2 spots. When not covering the game, we ask you to sit in the stands. 
Game Photos and Videos 
Credentialed media personnel and spectators may not sell photos or videos from the event. Photographers will not be permitted to use electronic lighting equipment (includes both strobe lights and flashes mounted). Videographers notify Rick Nelson of where the Recap link for the event. Photographs and videos any footage captured be supplied upon request.