In the events 1st year of the Texas Jamboree, two high School All Americans Daniel Gibson of Houston Jones and Glen Big Baby Davis from Louisiana (both NBA Pros) went head to head and put on a great show as Jones won by one point in the final minutes. In the 2nd year, Gerald Green, All-American at Gulf Shores Academy and now (NBA Pro) lead the Gulfshores Academy pass California Stone Ridge Prep. with a electrifying high flying show that no one will forget.
In the 3rd year University of Texas Damion James and D.J. Augustine (Now NBA Pros) showed everyone why they are the best, as did Jai Lucas of University of Texas coaching staff and B.J. Holmes Texas A&M went head to head for top point guard now playing oversea.
In the 4th yeat the best player in the State of Texas from the Golden Triangle J'Covan Brown Now Texas University showed why he was the best as he put on a show scoring at will. In 5th year the class of 2008 featured J'Covin Brown from University of Texas, along with the best player in the country Greg Monroe Georgetown University from Louisiana Now a (NBA Pro) and Dwight Miller MVP of the RBK camp and University of Pitt.

In the 6th year, the Texas Jamboree showcased as undefeated private school Strake Jesuit Prep. with point guard Stevie Rogers of Texas State signee and the #1 high school player Tim Frazier now (NBA Pro).
In the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th year the Texas Best High School like Houston Yates, Dallas Lancaster, Dallas Kimball and Bellaire and Episcopal High School pack  the house having everybody on there feet.  The National Powers House team came to Houston, New America Our Savior and rocked the House.  Strake Jesuit Crusaders had a standing room only with (NBA Pro) Rasheed having a stella performance.
In it's 12th year the several high school teams from Texas and Louisiana will be highlighted from most highly recruited areas: Houston, Dallas, Austin and out of State of Louisiana teams will showcase.Now ( NBA Pro) Justin Jackson, Justice Winlow gave everybody a show.  In the 13th year Purdue University Carsen Edwards and University of Texas Kerwin Snoop Roach of Northshore put on a shooting clinic in a wall to wall gym. The City of Houston will be talking about this game for years to come. In year 14 the Tx Jamboree hosted four potential NBA players Mark Vital - Baylor University, Trevon Duval - Duke University, Terrance Furgunson - (NBA Pro), and Jarrett Allen (NBA Pro).  The Gym was full of excitement and the gym full to capicity.
In year 15 marked a very special year for the Tx Jamboree.  The Jamboree hosted many high major player that was very instrumental in the development of the event since they were the age of  9 years old.  Fabian White - University of Houston, Ricky Doc Nelson - Weber State, Max Evan - Vanderbilt, TJ Starks - Texas A&M, Royce Hamm - University of Texas, Jarred Vanderbilt - University of Kentucky and Marvin Wilson - Florida State (football)
Going into the 20th year the Texas High School Jamboree has been noted  to be the best High school event in Texas and will continue to showcase the most talented high school and players.