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At Exquisite Elite Kleaning Janitorial, we are a dedicated team of professionals who strive to serve the greater Houston, TX area by providing top of the line janitorial services in construction, residential and commercial clean-up services for any client or any situation.  Our Staff are fully trained to ensure that their workforce can reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) and Qualified in Infection Control & Sanitized Cleaning for sporting event and special events.  We schedule cleaning from the start of the event, during the event and the end of the event. We also assist with crowd management for safety.


Exquisite Elite Kleaning Focus:
  • High contact surface and touch point pretreatment.
  • High concentrated PH ,EPA approved Balanced disinfectant and Sanitation products. high intensity foggier sprayer through home and Garage. Front and back doors treatments.
  • High contact surface and touch point wipe down with antimicrobial silver thread towels with disinfectant .
  • Non high touch points it can last up to a month, high touch points last up to about 17 days.


If interested, please let me know and we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible.Exquisite Elite Kleaning is an Elite level Houston area commercial, residential and construction clean up company, we are a dedicated team of professionals who strive for excellence in every task we take on. With great pride and work ethic, we provide top of the line janitorial services for any situation you can possibly imagine. We understand how important health and cleanliness is to the people of Houston and we are here to keep your business completely clean and healthy. We are happily available to service your commercial cleaning needs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


                                                        EXQUISITE ELITE KLEANING SERVICE DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK

Many businesses are taking measures to ensure that their workforce can reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 (or Coronavirus), by working from home if possible. As the government have advised, this is a sensible measure in the current situation, but it is not an option for all businesses. For example; care homes, childcare facilities, healthcare providers and many, many more. For these organizations as well as ourselves, it’s business as usual!

Our Staff are fully trained and Qualified in Infection Control & Sanitized Cleaning for SPORTING EVENT and SPECIAL EVENT.  We schedule cleaning from the start of the event, during the event and the end of the event. We also assist with crowd management for safety and develop entrance and exit plans.

We wear full PPE (personal protective equipment).

Our core services are based around sanitizing both domestic and commercial spaces, which at this time is in even higher demand. Our staff have always done an excellent job of maintaining extremely high levels of hygiene. We carry sanitizing products with us that we also use to treat hospitals and care homes, utilizing industry-leading products and techniques to provide the best level of clean possible. We cannot be more clear-- there is no magic formula you can use to sanitize an area to keep the germs from coming back, keeping an area sanitized requires thorough and regular cleaning (even more regular than your usual cleaning routine). There is currently a lot of misinformation circulating regarding cleanliness and Covid-19 (coronavirus), but as cleaning professionals, we know what level of cleanliness is required.

Cleaning can be broken down as:

General Cleaning - removes germs and dirt from surfaces. Using detergent and water to clean surfaces doesn't KILL GERMS, but removing them lowers their numbers. Surfaces should always be cleaned before you disinfect them.

Disinfecting - KILLS GERMS on surfaces. After first cleaning a surface you then disinfect it. Killing germs lowers the risk of infection. To properly disinfect, the disinfecting solution need to remain on a surface for a specific amount of time (depends on manufacturers’ instructions).

Sanitizing - also KILLS GERMS, but not as many as disinfecting. Some products are capable of doing both, but disinfecting requires a bit more work.

Virus & Airborne  Pathogens

Mold and Mildew 

Eliminates 99% Bacteria

If you have a cleaning service at the moment, it’s time to up your level of clean and ensure they are attending more regularly and carrying out more deep clean operations, if you don’t have a cleaning service currently or haven’t had your carpets, upholstery, or hard floor cleaned recently then you’ve come to the right place! We are already used to dealing with sanitizing both domestic and commercial spaces and we are trauma trained, so you can be sure your property is in safe and very experienced hands.

We are also ensuring we have a good level of both staffing and high-quality cleaning products, to be able to manage the increased workload we expect to see over the next few weeks and months.  Our staff will wash their hands thoroughly before leaving every premise and may ask to use your facilities to wash their hands at your property. We also use separate shoes while completing the cleaning job on your property. All of our equipment is regularly sanitized and we are doing everything we can to confirm the best practice is followed, as well as providing excellent cleaning results.

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can help put a regimented cleaning plan in place for you, but in the meantime, we would advise that you ensure you are following these essential rules...

  1. Avoid sharing telephone handsets
  2. Wash hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds and avoid touching the face
  3. Keep your own supply of tissues and hand sanitizer (if available, but remember washing your hands is more effective anyway)
  4. Have your own mug at work that only you use if you are not self-isolating at home
  5. Clean your smart phone (Apple said this week that disinfectant wipes are OK to use on iPhones)

The health and well-being of our customers and staff is a priority, so if anyone in your household or place of work is displaying symptoms, we ask that you advise of this before our staff enter your property or premises.

And finally #StaySafe

Contact us @ 832-651-9032

Cleaning Services provided by Exquisite Elite KleaningFacility Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Day Porter Services, Carpet Cleaning, Pre and Post Construction Clean Up, Window Cleaning and Floor Stripping,

Our cleaning services serve the following markets:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Schools/Day Care Centers
  • Gyms - Fitness Center
  • Churches / Places of Worship
  • Auto Dealerships
  • House Clean up
  • Sporting Event / Special Events


A few Events and Special Occasion Exquisite Elite Kleaning have service during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Great American Shootout Dallas - Sam Lowe service the Duncanville Fieldhouse

Great American Shootout Austin - Sam Lowe service the Round Rock Center

Great American Shootout Fort Worth - Sam Lowe service Game On Facility

Great American Shootout - Sam Lowe - Service ASC facility

Above All Sports - Brain Jollivete - Service the The Gym in Humble

GMI/Elite 36 - Jim Hicks Service The Gym and Legacy School

SW Exposure Camp - Jim Hicks Service MI3 Center

Doug Dozen Classic -  Doug Jones service the Texas Thunder Gym

HYPE Sports Winter Classic - service the Duncanville Fieldhouse

Top Gun Youth League - Service the Duncanville Fieldhouse

TYBL - Dallas - Service the Duncaville Fieldhouse

TYBL - San Antonio - Service WWCA Facility

GASO Camp Dallas - Service Duncaville Fieldhouse

GASO Camp Buda Texas - Severcice the Local Gym

Winsor Village Church -  Sancuary and Lobby area

Ice Breaker Houston - Service Open Court Facility only




Comments from the GASO June 26-28 about Exqusite Elite Kleaning

Good morning Sam at GASO,
My name is Pamela Armstrong my son plays for Play Ball Nation 15u.  I’m not sure if it’s your staff  who handled the entry of the tournament yesterday but Exquisite Elite did a great job! They made sure that players and parent left the court immediately after the game and did not let the incoming team enter the building until their court cleared. They were nice, it was organized and they made sure everyone was adhering to the requirements due to COVID19. The gym was never crowded and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Good job.