The biggest team in grasssroot have come together to create Texas biggest stage for youth basketball in the Live Period. Age 9u - 17u play for it all and start the summer talks .   



Starting the conversation for rising youth basketball players.

July 22-22, 2022

This is an excellent way to start the recruiting conversation! Teams that will stayed in Houston and get major media attention.   A great event at a great price - register early!
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832-651-9032 Event information or send a text for a faster response
  • Open to Boys' 9U,10U,11U,12U,13,14U,15U.16U,17U
  • All teams are welcome!
  • Live period for NCAA Div 1 coaches, media and scouting services
  • Normal high school rules with stop clock on dead balls
  • surrounding Houston High School Excellent facilities
  • Cash prizes for winner
  • Team Sponsorship
  • 3 game guarantee
  • The best Live games in front of media and NCAA approved scouting services. All teams play showcase games
  • We will schedule your first game around your arrival time
  • Entry fee is $200/ team for 9U-14U boys' teams 
  • Entry fee is $300/ team for 15U-17U boys' teams 

The Showcase is the HOTTEST Youth Event During the NCAA Live Period!!!



BBCS Adult Registration & Renewal
The Basketball Certification System (BBCS) is now open for operators, coaches and organization ownersto register or renew for 2020. 

QuickStart guides are available to assist you with this process.
Remember if you are an operator or coach you need to renew your USA Basketball (USAB) Gold licensePRIOR to accessing the BBCS.  

Coaches will need to wait until athlete registration and renewal is available before adding athletes to your bench.

Please advise athletes to wait to access the BBCS at this time. See additional details regarding athlete registration and renewal below.
USAB Gold Coach License
(required to coach in or operate NCAA-certified events)

Registration is open:

Register or renew now to take advantage of the full 2019-20 year of benefits at the lowest price.

If you have an account from a previous season, simply login from the main page to begin the license renewal process. All new coaches will have to click "register" to begin.



BBCS Athlete Registration & Renewal

BBCS developers are still in the process of finalizing enhancements that will simplify and streamline the BBCS registration and renewal process for athletes in 2020.

Coaches and athletes with an existing BBCS account will receive an email when this process is complete. Athlete emails will contain detailed log in information and should be sent within the next 3-4 weeks.

Athletes who have not already started the BBCS registration & renewal process for 2020 should wait for further instruction from ECAG before attempting to sign in to the BBCS.








The NCAA recently announced that in order to participate in coaching activities or sit on the team bench at an NCAA-certified event in 2020, coaches are required to obtain a USA Basketball (USAB) License. The 2018-19 USA Basketball Coach License season features two offerings: the Gold Coach License and the Associate Coach License. Each license type carries an associated annual fee. This applies to 15U-17U teams at our certified events.

Teams without the USAB Licensed coaches will not be allowed to create rosters on the BBCS, and will not be able to participate in the NCAA-certified portion of our events.

Allow 3 weeks for processing. APPLY EARLY!

Click here for detailed application instructions from USA Basketball


  • Teams who have not completed all of the above steps WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the NCAA certified portion of the tournament.
    Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated. The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes.
    In addition, it is not an acceptable practice for prospects’ coaches to substitute their own demographic information for that of a prospective student-athlete.
    Failure to register or submit all required information will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events. See also “Adjoining State & Residency Rules” below.


  • Adjoining State & Residency Rules: All prospective student athletes participating in an NCAA certified team event must reside in: (1) the same state as their team’s official address; or (2) an adjoining state, provided that no more than three team member(s) reside in adjoining states. This rule applies to US as well as foreign teams. For clarification on all of the NCAA’s rules concerning residency click here.